What is the major problem confronting indigenous Australians today?

The gap refers to the vast health and life-expectation inequality between First Nations people and non-Indigenous people in Australia. This inequality includes: shorter life expectancy. higher rates of infant mortality.

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What are the issues facing Aboriginal people today?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are more likely than other Australians to experience various forms of disadvantage, including higher unemployment rates, poverty, isolation, trauma, discrimination, exposure to violence, trouble with the law and alcohol and substance abuse.

What problems do Aboriginals face in Australia?

shorter life expectancy. higher rates of infant mortality. poorer health. lower levels of education and employment.
What are four issues that Aboriginals face when engaging with health and community services?
Aboriginal people can face many challenges when accessing mainstream services. These include unwelcoming hospital settings, lack of transport, mistrust of mainstream health care, a sense of alienation, and inflexible treatment options.

The report acknowledges that major threats to the rights of the world.s Indigenous Peoples remain and identifies natural resource extraction, large scale agriculture, infrastructural development, and conservation development as major offenders in violating the rights of Indigenous Peoples.19 Sept 2019
Why do aboriginals have less access to healthcare?
The reasons for these inequities stem from the ongoing devastating impact of colonization on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that has resulted in trauma compounded by ongoing racism, discrimination, and loss of identity, language, culture and land all of which directly impact on healthcare outcomes [9].

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