Can I bring my spouse under work permit in Canada?

Yes, generally speaking, your spouse or common-law partner is permitted to work in Canada. however, they must apply for their own work permit if they wish to do so.

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Can I travel with my family to Canada on work permit?

Family members who wish to visit, work, or study in Canada must also apply for these visas, which they can do concurrently with your work permit application.

Can I bring my wife to Canada if I have PR?

If your spouse or common-law partner was approved for permanent residency as one of your dependents, you may bring them with you to Canada.
How long does a spouse visa take in Canada?
Sponsorship applications are typically not processed much faster than 12 months, but they can take longer, depending on the nature of your case. How long does it take to sponsor your spouse or partner to come to Canada?

If your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children satisfy all the requirements for temporary residents of Canada, convince an immigration official they will only be staying temporarily, and can demonstrate their innocence if necessary, they may travel to Canada with you or pay you a visit.
How much does it cost to sponsor a spouse in Canada?
Family sponsorship

Fee Price ($CAN)
Spouse, partner or children
Sponsor your spouse or partner Sponsorship fee ($75), principal applicant processing fee ($490) and right of permanent residence fee ($515) $1,080.00

Can my spouse accompany me to Canada?
You might be able to enter Canada with your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children if they qualify for a visitor visa, a study or work permit, or both.
Do we need to show funds for spouse open work permit?
Candidates for a spouse open work permit must be able to show that they have the money necessary to support themselves while they are in Canada.
Can a temporary foreign worker bring family to Canada?
Most of the time, foreign workers are allowed to bring their families with them to Canada because the countrys immigration laws recognize that they do not want to spend too much time apart from their loved ones.
Is education free in Canada for work permit?
The pre-school, primary, or secondary levels are open to their children as long as one parent has a legal status in Canada, such as a study/work permit, permanent resident, or Canadian citizen, without having to pay international tuition.

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Can I sponsor my girlfriend to come to Canada?

You may sponsor your partners immigration to Canada as long as you are a Canadian citizen or possess permanent residence and are at least 18 years old.

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